Who We Are

We commit to providing sustainable energy solutions for the future.

Established in 1999, REACH Group quickly emerged as a regional leader in employee recruiting and outsourcing. Now, as part of IHC, REACH Group holds multiple subsidiaries, each contributing to a wider and more diverse array of competencies aimed at crafting bespoke business solutions for our valued partners. REACH Energy stands proudly as one of these subsidiaries.

Our Story

+2B Sales

+10k Deployed Resources

5 Subsidiaries

5 countries

  • +2B Sales
  • +10k Deployed Resources
  • 5 Subsidiaries
  • 5 countries

+2B Sales

+10k Deployed Resources

5 Subsidiaries

5 countries

Established in 2016, REACH Energy extended a comprehensive suite of solutions & services offering from Employment Solutions to includes solutions related to Oil & Gas, Digitization & wide range of Products Sale.

Based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, with operational reach extending across the Middle East and North Africa, REACH Energy is strategically positioned to cater to the unique needs of the Oil & Gas sector in our region.

At REACH Energy, our commitment to excellence and innovation drives us to offer tailored services that meet the unique needs of our clients


REACH Energy aims to be the leading business partner recognized for providing innovative, tailor-made comprehensive business solutions to clients with the highest standards of operational excellence.


Our mission is simple: to offer tailored solutions that drive efficiency, reduce NPT, Technology, Operational Excellence, and success for our clients in Energy sector.

Core Value

Human Capital

Skills, Training, Knowledge

We believe our Human Capital is our valuable asset hence, we Invest in their Training to improve their Skills and Knowledge

Operation Excellence

Agility, Partnership, Customer Focus

We aim for professional excellence to the highest standards possible consistent with the Agility, Partnership and Customer Focus goals of the project.


Dedication, Cultural Values, Attitudes

We strive to exceed the expectations of our Customers Satisfaction (internally and externally) by anticipating, understanding, and responding appropriately to their needs.

Initiative and Leadership

Proactive, OFI, Coach, Delegation

We encourage and reward entrepreneurial behavior, leading by example, prudent risk-taking; and we seek to foster an atmosphere of empowerment for all employees.


Honest, Gratitude, Integrity

We keep Professional integrity as our guiding value in all that we do, with respect and high ethical standards as paramount in our performance.


Collaboration, Communication, Listen

We promote on environment of mutual support and cooperation among individuals and among departments

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